The ultimate marketing and automation platform to help agents and loan officers dominate their markets.


What Is An MLO Funnel?

An MLO Funnel obtained through Close More Deals is the gateway and cornerstone for exceptional loan officers to generate and convert leads on autopilot and expand their influence over agents in their real estate market.

Our MLO Funnels operate across many layers of the funnel, teeing up highly aligned organic business while filling the pipeline with excited home shoppers:

Through this model, we have helped hundreds of loan officers establish themselves as relevant powerhouses who no longer beg agents for business, but instead magnetize them and leave them desiring longstanding business relationships.

How Does This Work?

What Does An MLO Funnel Do?

The Four Steps To A Sustainable Mortgage Business

Our MLO Funnels automate, streamline, or enhance the four key components of any loan officer's pipeline.

  • 1.Lead Generation: More highly qualified, exclusive leads generated at a fraction of what you'd pay the competition.
  • 2.Conversion: Multi-channel autoresponders text, email, and call leads within 30 seconds and continue for up to a year or until the lead responds.
  • 3.Business Development: The tools, tutorials, scripts, and mindset you need to expand your business into your desired territories.
  • 4.Agent Retention: Complete transaction management and agent retention platform feeds leads to agents anonymously and tracks their progress and activity, so you know who's performing.

  • The Features Your Business Needs

    The Ad

    The gateway to your client's experience.

    Facebook ads are difficult to get right, especially at the high level. We've refined our MLO Funnel Facebook Ads over 2,500 + funnels we've built for loan officers just like you.

    Our professionally copywritten ads overlayed with our deluxe videography brings your ad engagement up and your lead cost down.

    Then, our custom crafted lead forms pull relevant contact information straight from Facebook's database, offering a one-click opt in that maintains the trust the user has with their Facebook experience.

    Let us run, manage, and optimize your entire campaign so you can focus on your money maker: closing loans and meeting new agents.

    Conversion, relentlessly.

    We've programmed a dedicated multichannel autoresponder that delivers SMS, Ringless Voicemail, and email followup within 30 seconds of opt in and continuing for up to a year.

    Your clients' responses are pushed directly through to your cell phone, allowing you to seamlessly continue the conversation and get them approved.

    We can even program your landing pages to prompt your leads to call you directly, so you can be rest assured your phone is ringing often.

    Mortgage Qualifier AI

    Qualify your prospects automatically straight from your page. Then when they're ready, push them directly through to your loan appliciation.

    Local Market Takeover

    The organic endgame to your market campaigns

    The reality about mortgage lead generation is painfully clear.

    Even with incredible automated followup systems, lead generation and conversion take time away from the loan officer's two most income generating activities: closing loans and creating referral partnerships in their local market.

    What we're proposing is simple: utilize our lead generation methodology through the lens of maximizing your referral partners to gain longstanding organic business.

    In addition to your MLO Funnel marketing campaign, we'll provide you with a series of guides and pre-written action plans on how to make yourself known to agents as a highly valued asset to their business.


    Our team has created and overseen over a thousand distinct real estate marketing campaigns in the past ten years.

    We've narrowed our process to consistently bring in leads for less than 10% what the big companies want to charge your referral partners

    Take a look below at some of our most recent campaigns and their performance.

    As you can see, the combination of diligent market research combined with effective ad placement results in extremely high degrees of success across the board.

    No other lender in your trade area can facilitate as much agent-to-lead transfer as you can, with MLO Funnels.

    *Note - All Adspend is paid by our clients directly to Facebook

    Optimization and Reporting

    The Devil's In The Data

    As a decision-maker in your business, you need relevant data on what's working and at what cost.

    At Close More Deals, our commitment to economics and data integrity means that we show you the hard data on your campaign other companies are too scared to bring up.

    Through this continuous high level analysis, you can rest assured that your team at Close More Deals is working tirelessly to improve your results over time.

    What Our Clients Say

    Cole Vandee, The Writers Fix in Los Angeles, CA

    Jason R., Bank of England in Denver, CO

    Timeframes And Deliverables


    Time Frame




    2-3 weeks

    Campaign assets, and automations are all

    built and integrated to the satisfaction of the client

    Initial Launch Testing and


    2-4 weeks

    Test audience response and dial in

    targeting parameters

    Facebook Optimization: Stage 1

    30 days

    Observe overall click through rate (CTR) of 2% or greater from cold/warm traffic to determine stability in response to

    algorithm and copy

    Facebook Optimization: Stage 2

    30 days

    Observe landing page conversion rate of 20% or greater and a retargeted click through rate of 5% of greater

    Facebook Optimization: Stage 3

    30 days

    Assuming $10 for 1,000 impressions, 2% (20) will click through to the site and 20% (4) will convert to paying customers as a method of success

    Chatbot Launch

    30 days

    Custom chatbot creation and launch

    Chatbot optimization

    30 days

    Determine best path for prospects and clients based on most frequently asked

    questions, and desired outcome.


    Four to Six Months

    Examine ROI across entire campaign and determine growth plan

    *Your current plan includes 90 days of optimization. Further optimization and deployment can be discussed after initial term

    Program Investment

    Thanks, and we looking forward to working with you.

    -The Close More Deals Team